Enchilada – A Simple Yet Delicious Mexican Delicacy

Print this pageEnchilada is the traditional Mexican dish meaning ‘seasoned with chilies’. It is simply dried red chili peppers soaked and ground into sauce flavored with some seasonings. The dish is very simple. It is a family staple. This Mexican...

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The Other Side Of Mexican Cooking

Print this pageHigh-quality bell peppers, summer squash and cucumbers may not have arrived in the farmer’s markets yet, but they’re crisp, fresh and abundant at the supermarket-and most likely imported from Mexico. Many people don’t realize...

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Cooking The Best Fajitas

Print this pageFajita is generally beef, chicken, pork or shrimp grilled and served on a flour tortilla with condiments. The chicken is worked with onions and bell peppers. Fajita is served to the table sizzling loudly on a metal platter with tortilla and...

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How To Make Authentic Mexican Cerviche

Print this pageWhen I mention the word “cerviche” to people I am usually questioned, “what the ___is that?” After they taste my recipe for true Mexican cerviche they are begging me to teach them how to make it. First let me explain why I call it...

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