Escarole-Stuffed Pizza

Print this pageyield Makes 4 (main course) servings active time 1 hr total time 2 hr Tender, faintly bitter escarole gives a unique, delicious earthiness to this double-crust pizza, which stands apart from its traditional saucy brethren. Ingredients 3 lb...

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Indian Recipes And Indian Spices

Print this pageFor centuries south asian region has been rich. Rich with it’s spices and food recipes. For years, the region lured various different crusaders to invade the region over centuries. Beginning from the 14th century, the moghuls invaded and...

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Indian Tandoori Cooking

Print this pageTraditionally, tandoori dishes are cooked in a tandoor, an oval shaped clay oven with a small fire in the bottom. The heat rises gradually but ultimately reaches a much higher temperature than a barbeque. A tandoor is normally used to cook...

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Lamb From Muzbi To Modern

Print this pageWhat is your favorite lamb recipe? Chops? Shoulder? Leg? Steaks? Grilled? Baked? Marinated? Rubbed? Most of us run out of ways to prepare lamb before our mint jelly is finished. If young mutton ranks high on your list of preferences, you’ll...

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Fusion Cooking – Blended Cuisines

Print this pageWhat do you get when you cross hot Indian food with the English love of tomatoes and all things creamy? Chicken Tikka Masala is a famous combination of chicken tikka and masala.Chicken tikka is a marinated piece of meat cooked in a tandoor, an...

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The Cooking of Kerala

Print this pageKerala is situated on the South West coast of India right beside Tamil Nadu. The capital is Cochin with its bustling harbour lined with fishing nets and home to fishing boats of all shapes and sizes. Much of the architecture has been...

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