Louis, during the lunch hour on Tuesday

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whatcom county jail report for jan

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cheap oakley sunglasses Jeff Allen, 23, spent about 45 minutes in line at a Denny’s in O’Fallon, Ill., outside of St. Louis, during the lunch hour on Tuesday. He and his friend decided to leave after the restaurant gave out vouchers for a free Grand Slam later this week to anyone not wanting to wait in line. cheap oakley sunglasses

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replica oakley sunglasses The Kentucky Department of Education is stepping in to review and intervene at two low performing Jefferson County Public Schools elementaries that would have been named priority schools this yearif it were not for the state’s moratorium on that label.Both Maupin and Wellington elementaries, whose accountability scores from 2015 2016 placed them among the lowest performing in the state, will have to undergo leadership reviews from the state and come up with turnaround plans, Kentucky Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt said.”Both schools face dire academic issues,” Pruitt said. He added that “it is imperative I act to ensure the students at these schools are receiving high quality instruction and learning opportunities that will set them on the right educational path for their futures.”Pruitt said the two schools are the only ones in the state that would have slipped into priority status this year.READ MORE: Clarksville sees spike in teacher turnoverREAD MORE: Register now, or never, for the Nov. 8 electionPruitt earlier had said that no new schools would be given the dreaded priority statussince Kentucky will soon move to a new accountability systemand it’s not fair for schools to be identified as low performing under one system but then be held accountable under a different system.But Pruitt also previously said that his department would nevertheless be providing support to low performing schools even if they didn’t officially get the priority status label replica oakley sunglasses.

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